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Lori grew up in rural western New York State and went to college in Rochester, NY and London, England where she studied marketing.  While working in the television industry in NYC, she discovered the art of creating jewelry in 2003.

After moving to Connecticut in 2008, she found the Brookfield Craft Center and this is where her love for working with metal started. She began taking related courses at BCC, The Center for Metal Arts, FIT, as well as with masters Charles Lewton-Brian (creator of Foldforming), Jayne Redman and Cynthia Eid, and with independent instructors from around the country.  

Lori now teaches metalsmithing and jewelry-making classes, both privately and in groups and is a faculty member at Brookfield Craft Center. 

 “The stillness of nature, the curve of a leaf, the bends of a twig, the flow of water over tumbled stones – all of these expressions of nature provide inspiration and creativity when designing my jewelry. I like to think of as wearable art.  I enjoy the process of taking a flat piece of metal or a straight piece of wire and creating shapes, forms and sculptures.   Sometimes my creative process is planned out, and other times it’s spontaneous and I won’t know what I’m making until the piece is completed.” 

 Her work can found in many galleries and stores throughout Connecticut.